InterContinental Precision Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

For SMT factory setup, we can do for you:

1. We provide fulL SMT solution for you

2. We provide core technology with our equipments

3. We provide the most professional tech service

4. We have wealthy experience on SMT factory setup

5. We can solve any question about SMT


InterContinentalis the leading SMT factory solution provider in China, offering professional SMT factory building advice and service. We have 20 year experience about SMT factories, offering full solutions for global clients with our great advantaged sources. Our core technology team members are well experienced in SMT filed, learning experience from top international chip mounters meanwhile increasing independent research and development Currently InterContinental SMT equipment is representative of high quality, has maintained absolute leading technology in the industry.

Over the years the company has been committed to improving technology, quality and perfect service. InterContinentalmakes a positive contribution to international standard, the annual total capacity of 1200 sets, passed the ISO9001: 2000, ISO14000, CE, UL, RoHS and other certifications. Full implementation of the IPD process, reliable design and testing throughout the entire product life cycle. InterContinental′s continued investment in research and development and great contribution has been unanimously recognized in the field. By the end of 2012, InterContinental has declared more than 30 patents and software copyrights (including four invention patents), and actively involved in a number of national and industry standards. InterContinental provides more advanced products and fast technical support for global customers, at home and abroad.


Shenzhen Factory

Produce Stencil printer, reflow oven and SMT peripheral equipments

Hongkong company

Main for trade, offering trade service and support

Inter-trade department 1

Providing full SMT factroy line solution, including chip mounter. We are regular agent of Samsung SMT in China, meantime, we also work with Japan Juki selling JUKI Chip mounters worldwidely.

Inter-trade department 2

Providing parts, accessories, consumptive materials etc.

Core team member:

SMT solutions

Henry Wang

15 years SMT experience, worked as SMT operateor, SMT engineer, SMT manager in BBK company, Coship etc., built many SMT factories, went to Siemens and YAMAHA for training. Well experience in SMT.

Bob Zhang

18 years SMT experience, worked as SMT engineer in Motorola(Tianjin China), France Tomson, production manager in Siemens Chips mounter company. Well experience in SMT. Executive member of IPC.

Jack Yu

20 years SMT experience, worked in FOXCONN for 12 years, worked as product manager for JUKI chip shooter for 5 years, well experienced in the management of electronic factory production

Robbin Hao

15 years SMT experience, worked as manager in Shenzhen Huawei and Japan Panasonic chip mounter, SMT technology expert


Thomas Li

13 years SMT and DIP workshop management experience, well proficient in Samsung and Juki Chip mounter, providing after-sale services for aboard clients world-widely

Jobs Ding

3 years after-sale service experience in China, 4 years global after-sale service, well proficient in SMT equipments.

International trade

Shanny True

8 years inter trade experience, have been working on electronic field.

Well experience in consulting, exportation and after sale support.


6 years sale and after-sale experience, instant response to client for solving any questions.

Attended aboard fairs several times, have wealthy experience of foreign customer reception and Factory inspection. Once worked as interpreter for Siemens.
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