Dezhou YiLun Conveying Machinery Limited Company was found in May, 2005It′s registered capital is 11.68million CNY...It is private enterprise of stock-holding system. It is located in the economic and technological development zone of Ningjin town. We can produce Yilun Brand TD75, DTII, DTIIA fixed belt conveyor, mobile lifting belt conveyor, environmental protection belt conveyor, sludge belt conveyor, mine belt conveyor, farming belt conveyor, workshop line, large DIP angle belt conveyor, roller conveyor, roller and pulley. We have special belt conveyor designer team. We have been granted Industrial Production License, Mining Production License, and other Licenses, Quality Certification, Trademark with reputation. Improve Yilun Brand. We supply our products to home and abroad machinery factories. Also supply best price to our dealers and trading company. We have Export right. We have independent export authority. We Sell to the Middle East, Africa, Australia and southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions.

There are large-scale lathe, CNC machine, double pressing machine, double welding machine, double boring machine, milling machine, professional equipment machines. We can produce 50meters belt conveyor, 20 pieces drum, 500 sets bracket, 2000 pieces rollers one day. We can produce 7million rollers one year. We can produce China Standard, CEMA standard, Australian Standard, Europe standard. We choose SRB brand bearing and special tube, cold-drawing shaft and special housing and seals. The professional inspectors used testing Equipment to examine he roller of the effects for waterproof, preventing static electricity, sideways, moving up and down, revolving resistance and falling of the rollers. The examine result is that the qualified rate of the rollers is over 98%. The noise of the rollers is very low and its running is very nimble. The life of the rollers is over 30000 hours, and the products are praised by our customers. Our rollers are widely used in coal mine, mines, ports, steel plant, power plant, fertilizer plants, animal feed factory, cement big small and medium enterprises.

Our company pursues that credit is as aim and quality is the most important. We request to live and develop with quality and credit. Strengthen the inner management and improve the quality of the products constantly. Offer the best products for customers from the beginning to the end. At the same time, provide the best service for customers.
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